Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finally Got the WOW Cup. It Does What it Says it Does. *updated

My son has been wanting one of these for a while, every time the commercials came on I would hear it.    When I seen some at my grocery store I decided to buy one.    It was time for my son to get off sippy cups but it seemed whenever I gave him a regular cup he would knock it over.  Wow Cup used that in their commercials, "this is a good cup for kids who spill".  Ha ha, they were talking about my situation and I was sold.

     I saved on the shipping by buying it at the store for $9.99  I like that it is BPA Free and dishwasher safe (even though I don't have one, places I visit do so I can put it in one if I need to).   It is easy for him to hold, however I think it could hold more.  Its deceiving because you think you have the whole cup for liquid but you don't..  There is a max fill line that is about and inch down the cup.    It's not much of a problem. The way you drink it is kind of weird at first, since you have to suck as you tip it.   When using a normal cup you don't have to suck like you are using a straw.    My son figured it out real quick.  

The way the lid goes on seems weak but it doesn't spill and hasn't come open yet.  I will not be holding it over my computer anytime soon, testing it over the floor is just fine.  My son loves to show me and everyone that will watch that is doesn't leak when upside down.    

Cleaning is easy enough, no worse then a slippy cup.  I say that because you have to get under the valve.

  I could only find the blue and pink cups but I see on the internet you can get other colors.  I also seen online that you can get replacement valves, I wonder how long they last.  I would think for a while. We will see, my son will put it to the test.   I am going to get at least one more, just hoping my store will get some other colors so I don't have to pay for shipping.

* Update:  After using it for a while longer I have found lid to be hard to keep clean,  you have to soak it and really work to get the little holes clean.   And, if you leave juice in in to long it starts to smell like its fermenting.  It still can be a good cup but you have to keep an eye on how long it sits and wash between each cup of liquid.   I am not going to be buying anymore of these WOW Cups.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Save Money While Shopping Online with Ebates!

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 I really love, I have tried a few of the sites that claim to give you money back from purchases online but Ebates is different because you actually get money not points.   They got me with their commercials, I kept seeing them and finally thought "why not try it".  I had some shopping to do online and what did I have to lose.

   Ebates has a lot of stores to choose from, I wish was one of their stores but all the major retailers are there: Kmart, Sears, Jcpenny, Amazon, Ebay, Forever 21, etc...

They even partner with Hotels and booking websites like Holiday Inn and

You can earn money by referring people too (hint, hint, if you want to sign up please use my link at the top or bottom of this post),   I got my sister-in-law hooked without even trying. Too bad they don't give a kick-back from what she buys and anyone she refers. However, that may change, I haven't heard anything that would make me think that's going to happen anytime soon but I can hope!

I did most of my Christmas shopping through Ebates,  and it saved me some money.  Sometimes they have special deals where you get a discount on your purchase,  that is on top of your cash-back. I got myself a really nice set on pans that were normally $200.00 for $80.   Some of that savings was the store's sale but Ebates saved me $20 and gave me $10 back. I call that a WIN!

The hardest part for me is remembering to go through them when shopping online, I find putting the bookmark in my browsers "bookmark toolbar" helps because I see while shopping and remember to go log in before buying.

You can see your activity while logged in; how much Cash-Back they have already sent you, your click through log, and pending purchases.     It is a good idea to make sure your click though is listed before you make a purchase, that way you won't miss out on any money.  I haven't had any problems with not getting credited (yet) but better to be safe then sorry.    If your shopping trip doesn't earn you your cash-back just contact customer service and they will ask for a copy of your order confirmation email and fix it asap.  That is as long as you have a receipt for the same day your click-through is.

You can get your money sent by check (snail mail) or to your Paypal account. They also have an Ebates credit card that gives you and extra 3% cash-back on all your purchases through Ebates.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Good2Grow Jucies Are Good For Your Kids!

 Those of you that have read other posts on this blog know I am a BzzAgent  for My latest campaign is Good2Grow juice.  I got one Apple and six pack of Strawberry Kiwi as well as 3 of the reusable tops.   I was disappointed when that I did not get characters my son would really want like Spiderman or a Ninja Turtle.

I like that they are not in a pouch or box like most kids juices, I have seen too many articles and Tv expos on what you can find in those things.  So right away these get points for that.   The ingredients are great too, I have been trying to stay away from high fructose corn syrup and other things that are bad for you. So it is refreshing to not see those things not in this brand of juice. 

As for the flavor they are good, at least the ones I tried.  The Strawberry Kiwi was a little tart for my son but he still drank it, I just poured a little into a cup for me and added some water.

The reusable tops could be a little easier to clean, I think just widening them a bit would help. Cause those of us that do not have a dishwasher have to take extra time to clean them.  However I read a good tip on the Good2Grow website ( Use a turkey baster to force warm water through the tip), but that still seems like extra effort.   My son didn't really use the tops anyways so its not a big deal for me.   The tops are supposed to be spill proof but I do not get to test that, but that is a good feature for any kids drink.

 They come in 3 different sizes, 8oz/6oz/4oz.  I would like to see these in the bigger jugs next to Juicey Juice, V8 Splash and all those other juices cause I would buy them.  I really do not have a need for small individual servings because I have cups that we take with us. And the price for the six pack is a little high.  A Single one (with top) is almost $2, that is crazy for 6oz.  the top doesn't have that much value to me. 

All in all I like this brand and would love to see more options, they have me hooked now reel me in ha ha. 

Not sure how good this since I have not checked my email but free is free, so go to check out all the flavors and get yours (you can even find out where to get them on the website).

Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Your $100 In Bill Credits Too

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It's a win-win.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Orville Redenbachers Pop Up Bowl Microwave Popcorn

I have been seeing the dumb commercials for this, it looked like a good idea. However I did not mean to buy it, I just happened to grab the it without noticing.

  For some time now I have only eaten air popped popcorn but laziness won that day. We popped a bag the same day we bought it. Right away you notice that it takes about a minute less then other microwave popcorn to pop. This is because there is less popcorn then regular bags.  

My husband pulled off the side to make it a bowl the first few times we made it. I finally did it the other day and it wasn't as easy as he made it look. I ended up cutting the sucker off.  The side seams split to much when you pull the thing off.   they shouldn't have that red plastic stuff on both sides. I can see for the side that is torn off but it does not make a good bottom.  You would think it would keep the grease from getting on you and where you set the bowl but it doesn't.     If they could make it so your hand don't get greasy that would be nice. Until then I will continue to put it in a regular bowl.

I don't think I will buy this again, my main problem with it is the amount you get. We have to pop one bag per person, normally one bag will satisfy both of us but these are just to small.  The brand is good just not the Pop Up Bowl bags.

P.S. The dogs will eat the popcorn.  I switched to air popped popcorn when I gave my dog a piece and she would not eat it. That made me think "should I be eating it if the dog won't?"

Do Space Bags Really Save You Space?

While doing some “late” spring cleaning last year I decided to get some Space Bags. I am sure you have seen the TV commercials. Trying to get the best bang for my buck I got box of 12 (6 Extra-Large, 6 Large) from For about $25 it was a good deal. If you buy for Space Bags website you get Medium, Cube and other size bags that I did not think I would need. I knew I would only need to big ones.

By the time the bags arrived I had my piles of stuff all sorted out and ready to go. The items ranged from blankets to stuffed animals. The Extra-Large bags were big enough to handle 2 comforters and then some. The one problem I had packing the Extra-Large bad was they are so long, my arms weren’t long enough to push stuff all the way to the end.

I packed one of the bags with craft stuff ( yarn, stuffing, material, etc..) Tip: don’t ball your yarn if you want to store it in one of these bags. It does not have and room to flatten out.

I used another bag for clothes, not sweaters, just regular clothes. Since they were not fluffy they did not have much air to suck out. But it did make it nice and tight for easy carrying and stacking with the other bags. However if I didn’t have so many bags I would not of wasted one on the clothes.

As much as they pleased me at first, there is some problems. The first problem was one of the bags was defective. It would not stay flat and kept filling with air. I re-vacuumed it a few times to make sure it wasn’t my fault it wasn’t working. I called the 800 number on the on the box and the rep was real nice and they sent me a replacement bag along with some free smaller bags for my trouble.

I like that they come in different colors, this could come in handy if you are storing stuff for different people. But because they only have color on one side to have to make sure the color side is up when you stack/store.

The light seems to wear them real fast, so keep them in a closet or some other dark place. I can’t say anything about storing them in a garage or how well they keep water and bugs from your stuff. So fr I haven’t found any in my stuff after taking it out but that could change.

They could be thicker and more flexible. I feel as if I am going to make holes in it if I move it to much. They do seem less delicate when vacuumed. The thickness became a major problem later on. I had the bags in a closest and our roommates cat viewed them as a scratching pole. While climbing and playing around them it put so many holes in them that they do not work anymore. I tried fixing them with different types of tape but no success. So in one hour (that is how long it took me to find the cat in my room) I lost half of my bags.

In the end I have mixed feeling about the Space Bags, I would say if you don’t have indoor cats and a dark place to store them they could serve as a good option for your stuff.