Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Your $100 In Bill Credits Too

Do you want to get that $100 in Bill Credits from Direct Tv but don't know anyone to give you a referral. Use This one;

 Call 1-877-646-6705, mention the referral program,  Kari's account number (051139486).

It's a win-win.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Orville Redenbachers Pop Up Bowl Microwave Popcorn

I have been seeing the dumb commercials for this, it looked like a good idea. However I did not mean to buy it, I just happened to grab the it without noticing.

  For some time now I have only eaten air popped popcorn but laziness won that day. We popped a bag the same day we bought it. Right away you notice that it takes about a minute less then other microwave popcorn to pop. This is because there is less popcorn then regular bags.  

My husband pulled off the side to make it a bowl the first few times we made it. I finally did it the other day and it wasn't as easy as he made it look. I ended up cutting the sucker off.  The side seams split to much when you pull the thing off.   they shouldn't have that red plastic stuff on both sides. I can see for the side that is torn off but it does not make a good bottom.  You would think it would keep the grease from getting on you and where you set the bowl but it doesn't.     If they could make it so your hand don't get greasy that would be nice. Until then I will continue to put it in a regular bowl.

I don't think I will buy this again, my main problem with it is the amount you get. We have to pop one bag per person, normally one bag will satisfy both of us but these are just to small.  The brand is good just not the Pop Up Bowl bags.

P.S. The dogs will eat the popcorn.  I switched to air popped popcorn when I gave my dog a piece and she would not eat it. That made me think "should I be eating it if the dog won't?"

Do Space Bags Really Save You Space?

While doing some “late” spring cleaning last year I decided to get some Space Bags. I am sure you have seen the TV commercials. Trying to get the best bang for my buck I got box of 12 (6 Extra-Large, 6 Large) from For about $25 it was a good deal. If you buy for Space Bags website you get Medium, Cube and other size bags that I did not think I would need. I knew I would only need to big ones.

By the time the bags arrived I had my piles of stuff all sorted out and ready to go. The items ranged from blankets to stuffed animals. The Extra-Large bags were big enough to handle 2 comforters and then some. The one problem I had packing the Extra-Large bad was they are so long, my arms weren’t long enough to push stuff all the way to the end.

I packed one of the bags with craft stuff ( yarn, stuffing, material, etc..) Tip: don’t ball your yarn if you want to store it in one of these bags. It does not have and room to flatten out.

I used another bag for clothes, not sweaters, just regular clothes. Since they were not fluffy they did not have much air to suck out. But it did make it nice and tight for easy carrying and stacking with the other bags. However if I didn’t have so many bags I would not of wasted one on the clothes.

As much as they pleased me at first, there is some problems. The first problem was one of the bags was defective. It would not stay flat and kept filling with air. I re-vacuumed it a few times to make sure it wasn’t my fault it wasn’t working. I called the 800 number on the on the box and the rep was real nice and they sent me a replacement bag along with some free smaller bags for my trouble.

I like that they come in different colors, this could come in handy if you are storing stuff for different people. But because they only have color on one side to have to make sure the color side is up when you stack/store.

The light seems to wear them real fast, so keep them in a closet or some other dark place. I can’t say anything about storing them in a garage or how well they keep water and bugs from your stuff. So fr I haven’t found any in my stuff after taking it out but that could change.

They could be thicker and more flexible. I feel as if I am going to make holes in it if I move it to much. They do seem less delicate when vacuumed. The thickness became a major problem later on. I had the bags in a closest and our roommates cat viewed them as a scratching pole. While climbing and playing around them it put so many holes in them that they do not work anymore. I tried fixing them with different types of tape but no success. So in one hour (that is how long it took me to find the cat in my room) I lost half of my bags.

In the end I have mixed feeling about the Space Bags, I would say if you don’t have indoor cats and a dark place to store them they could serve as a good option for your stuff.

It's been a long time

I am sorry to those that would read my blog on a regular basis, alot of things have happend and blogging took a back seat.  However I am back and I have alot to catch up on.  

Since Nov. 2009 I have gotten married and had a baby. So I have a whole new category of products to review (baby).  

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keep In Touch With SafeLink

"SafeLink is a Government supported program"

For many years having a phone in your home is standard, if not nessearry. Would you be able to live without a phone?

This prompted the FCC to create the LifeLine Program more then twenty years ago. If you have ever applied for any kind of assistants (TANAF/SSI/etc..) you may have heard of the program. The version for Land-lines may have a variety of names (depending on where you live) but now there is one for cell phone service.

You only get about 68 minutes each month, which isn't much.  You get the phone free, but I am unsure if you have to give the phone back when you stop using the service.  From what I read on their website, soon people on the program will be able to buy air-time cards at many nation wide retail chains so they can use the phone for more then just an hour a month.

However, for some people that may be enough.  I think I read that any unused mintues will rollover.  It is worth looking into!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Magic Bullet, Small in Size But Big In Fun.

 When companies make infomercials, they make them for me, lol.  I am always watching new infomercials.  When I'd seen the one for the Magic Bullet my first thought was "these actors are terrible", lol. But I liked the product.   Some of my Family members had also seen the infomercial and wanted to try it.   

When you buy from their website you get 2 Magic Bullets (sets) for the price of one. Just about everyone on my dad's side of the family got a Magic Bullet System.  

To start my review of this product I must first say this; with all the attachment (blender, juicer,etc..) it takes up about the same amount of space as a stand alone blender (or juicer).   However, at least you can separate it and only leave the base on the counter.  Learning how it works and getting used to it is fun.  It can be scary though, you can pulse it or push and turn to lock it "on". I do not like locking it "on". I am dyslexic and always turn it the wrong way to stop it.  I realy don't understand why they have the "locking" option because the book says not to run the machine longer then 1 minute (or thirty seconds, cannot really remember) at a time or you can burn up the motor. 

When we got it, we tried to do the stuff on the infomercial, like make salsa etc...  It comes with a recipe book that has the infomercial recipes and more.   

I like being able to grid my own coffee beans. Nothing is better then fresh ground Kona Coffee.  

You MUST learn how to shake and hold at the same time, especially when you are trying to blend (mix,etc.) something thick. It makes the job go a lot faster. If you don't you will have to stop and open it up to get stuff from around the blades. 

 When blending ice or something frozen you have to put some liquid or the blades will jam. 

The juicer is not as powerful as a stand alone juicer but does the job. The biggest plus it the easy clean up. 

The only thing I would recommend they add to the bullet is a cover for the base. Because you do not really leave anything in it (small or large mixing container with blade) so it is open and dust gets in there. 

I also had a ?why? moment when I'd seen a bottom for the Blender. How can you put it on? if you have used it, it would be full so you cannot take the blade off until it is empty. The only way to use it is to put it on while empty and pour stuff in it. Which does not make any sense.

They say you can microwave the small and big mixing containers (REMEMBER TO TAKE OFF THE BLADE OR SPARKS WILL FLY, lol), I have not tried it yet even though I have had it for a long time now.

All-in-all it is worth buying. You can cut the cost of it down by selling the second Magic Bullet Systems (or just keep it for when you break the first one, lol).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kudos For

 Years ago I tried to sell some stuff on, and didn't not have much success.  The main thing that irritated me was having to pay for your listing upfront.   If you didn't watch out you could end up paying $4+ to list an item, and there was no guarantee that it was going to sell. Bottom-line you would be out the listing fee and still have the item taking up space in your home. 

Read Details Here!
Now, you can list up-to 5 items a month without paying the listing fee upfront.  The best part is you do not have to start your auction at 9.99 or lower to avoid an outrageous listing fee. The Starting price of the item does not matter.  *Excludes items with a Start/Buy It Now/Reserve price of $18 million and above. You still have to pay the "Final Value Fee" if the item sells.  The link above takes you right to the page that explains what the "Final Value Fee" will be.

I can see this tactic bringing eBayer's like me back, I had all but given up on trying to sell stuff on However now that I am using my 5 free listings a month (or 30days) I have a new view on eBay.  This month three of the five things I listed sold, that is a good average (you may have different results).  

Happy Selling!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you get what your gold is worth with

Promo Code: 113537

I, like many, have thought about selling my old jewelry. Particularly the gold stuff, since the price of gold is high (now dropping, so sell now or wait until the next spike) people expect to get a few hundred bucks for a handful of gold jewelry. has TV commercials playing many times a day. I do not have a local jeweler that I would go to, to sell my gold so something like appealed to me. However after watching an episode of Inside Edition (Don't quote me on the shows name, I am pretty sure that is the one them) I am glad I never sent my gold away to them.

The TV show had two jewelers verify the amount of gold that was in their decoy jewelry. It was over $1000.00 bucks worth. An Undercover reporter went into many jewelry stores to "get offers" for their gold. The stores offered from $700 to $1200. The best store offer was only a few hundred dollars below the actual value.

However, the shocker was the LOW offer made by It was around $300. When the reporter refused the offer (which is something you can do when you send your gold to them), they doubled the offer. It was still the lowest in the bunch.'s reasoning was their "gold measuring machines" could more accurately measure the amount of gold in the jewelry.

I have now abandoned my plans on sending anything there. Of course, I do not trust jewelers either. I wish I could measure it myself before sending away/attempting to sell gold jewelry. That way I would know if the offer was good or not. Not knowing if I would be ripped off is the main reason I did not send away for my "postage-paid envelope" from

I wonder how much stolen jewelry gets sent to

If you still want to give a try there is a few things you should know.

First, you have to be 21(+). Read the paragraph in quotations below, this is from It explains that they do not pay you for gemstones other then small diamonds.

“Cash4Gold purchases second hand jewelry for refining, not for resale. Prices are based solely on the weight and karat grade contained in the jewelry, not on its potential value if resold intact. For this reason, the company cannot pay for gemstones in the jewelry other than small diamonds. If you wish to sell your fine jewelry, such as estate pieces, diamonds over 1 carat and fine time pieces, you can obtain a quote on possible value by contacting our affiliated website,”

If you have a piece of jewelry that has gemstones and the other options for selling it are not for you, you can still send them. Just take out the gemstones first. You may be able to sell those loose gemstones to a local jeweler or online.

Another part of’s terms and conditions you should acquaint yourself with is the “Limitation of Liability”. In their TV commercials they talk about how the envelope they send you to send in the jewelry is insured. This section gives you the details.

“Cash4Gold's liability is and shall be expressly and specifically limited to the LEAST of the following sums:
1. The liquidation value placed on the total contents by Cash4Gold in Cash4Gold's sole discretion.
2. One-third (1/3) of the appraised value of the contents according to an appraisal submitted by a customer/seller to Cash4Gold, which appraisal was issued prior to the shipment of the item to Cash4Gold; and,
3. The sum of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars.”

That is not good insurance. And, there is no way around it. If you know your items are worth more then $100 you be S.O.L if your Pak gets “lost”. recommends that you insure your Pak with the Carrier at your expense. I doubt if many people do that, or even know that should. You can get an appraisal before sending the items, however if you want the amount of the appraisal to be used in the event of your Pak being lost/stolen/etc… you must send the appraisal to before retuning the Pak. Without an prior appraisal your are limited to $100. The way the “Limitation of Liability” is worded it seems you would have a hard time getting anymore then $100 even if you have a prior appraisal.

You have ten days from the date on the “offer check” to contact if you do not want to accept their offer or have changed your mind.
When you ship you Pak to you are agreeing to ALL Terms and Conditions set forth by (read all on

Company Address:
1701 Blount Rd | Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Customer Service - 1-800-241-1811
Hours Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm EST

Promo Code:113537

If you have used, let us know what you thought about it. Was your offer good? Do you think you got ripped off?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Check out the New Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge has completely redesigned the Ram. Premiering the week of November 3, 2008 at Dodge dealerships across the country —Test Drive one today!

If you watch Tv at all, you have probably seen the commercials for Dodge's "never back down" challenge. It is their version of a reality show. You can use the link above to view the TV ads and online Webisodes.l

A lot of people in my family own Dodge vehicles, I even have a old Dodge RamCharger in my driveway. So I consider my family a Dodge Family, that is why I joined the Bzz Campaign for the Dodge Ram 1500. And it was excuse to go test drive one, lol!

One of my favorite new features f the Dodge Ram 1500 is the ParkView® rear back-up camera. Every truck/SUV made today should have one of these.

Dodge could of made it more fuel efficient. With a average of 20MPG on the highway and 14MPG in the city I cannot see may people buying them, especially with a gallon of gas costing an average of $3. If you are going to buy a vehicle that gets that bad of gas millage you might as well get a older cheaper one. If it got at least 35 in the city (like vehicles in other countries) I would buy one today.

The redesigned inside is luxurious, it would almost be ashame to put dirty men in it, lol.

It has feature that appeal to both men and women, like dual glove boxes and storage under the rear seats. Who doesn't like storage space.

If you are looking for a new truck, find a Dodge Dealership near you and test drive one today!

* to go for information on Preferred Price* (1% below factory invoice) and to enter for a chance to win a New '09 Dodge Ram 1500.